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Your Consultant is Sunny Caldwell

My Story

My name is Sunny Caldwell, I'm married to a wonderful man named Andre and we have 2 amazing children. They are 16 and 1 years old. I enjoy spending time with my family & I like to do crafts, decorate and shop. Scentsy is an absolute passion of mine. I was first introduced to Scentsy when I was at work and a co worker showed me a catalog. She stated she has a friend at her other job that sells Scentsy and I was like oooh I want to try it out. So I placed my first order with her( she is now my Sponsor) and I was super excited to do so. I have always loved to fill my home with wonderful scents, and before Scentsy that meant candles. However, I couldn't leave my candles burning and I always hated that black soot the candles would leave on my walls. So, when I found this amazing product that was a safer alternative to a burning candle, I was EXCITED!! I had a warmer I purchased at a retail store and I loved it, but had a hard time finding wax that the scent actually lasted longer that a few hours and didn't smell like chemicals. I decided to give Scentsy a try. I ordered 6 bars of different scents, which I fell in love with right away. Then I ordered from her AGAIN! Once I received my first Scentsy warmer and tried it, I quickly became hooked on the products. One warmer and a just few bars quickly multiplied throughout our home. I was LOVING it and still do!!! I LOVE that I can leave my Scentsy warmers on 24/7 and I don't have to worry about them. No soot, no smoke, nothing getting hotter and hotter. I can have the wonderful aroma of Scentsy fragrance filling my home all day and night. Then my now new friend whom I was buying my Scentsy with posted on Face Book page about signing up and joining Scentsy. I thought about it for days and days and was like I can't do this, I am not good with stuff like this. So I received a message from my friend and she was like you love Scentsy so much why don't you join, you'll be great at it. So I decided to give it a try. My husband saw how much I love the products (even my 16 yr old likes Scentsy). That decision has changed my life around for the better. If it is something you want anything standing in your way is just an excuse! I love what I do and would not change it. I have met so far some really cool people and made some awesome friends along the way. I believe I will continue to love my new business as time goes on.

" I may not make thousands of dollars a month; but I love Scentsy products and sell it because I truly love what I do."